Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set Review for 2016

Minecraft is a game that aims to capture the experience of mining through the earth and building complex structures that reach to the limits of your imagination. It is a game where you need to balance the time you spend building towering monuments against the time you spend fighting off enemies that come creeping around in the dark. It is also a game about cubes.

Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set, Over 30 Piece (Toy)

List Price: $11.99 USD
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For a toy that combines all of these aspects of the Minecraft game, I decided to look no further than the Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs set which I was able to pick up online for just under $7 before tax.

If you are not familiar with papercraft then I should first give you a primer on it as a hobby as this will better allow you to understand what is in this set and what you should expect from it. Papercraft is essentially a hobby or art form that uses folded paper to create objects. Unlike origami, papercraft uses paper that has been printed with designs and patterns. In addition papercraft generally makes use of scissors and glue, all of which are not part of traditional origami. As a result, the end product of building a papercraft model is more similar to a small toy than it is to an intricately folded piece of paper, yet it maintains the light weight of the card stock it is made from.

This minecraft papercraft set is provided as an slip case containing several sheets of card stock. These paper sheets have printed on them the designs of several minecraft characters, blocks, and enemies that will no doubt be familiar to anyone who has taken the time to play the popular video game. Included in the kit are several gravel blocks, a witch, a creeper, a spider, a zombie, and some slimes. In addition there are several accessory pieces such as flames and redstone torches to enhance any dioramas you may build.


Speaking of building, once you have removed the sheets of paper from the kit, it is time to start putting together the models. Simply pick out one that you are the most interested in having put together and go to work. I began by building one of the slimes, and if you are new to papercraft then I would recommend this as well. The slimes are essentially just cubes, so they are quite east to fit or glue together, making you more confident as you build these basic skills so that you will feel more confident as you build other figures in the future.

As far as the items in this kit go, the slimes and gravel blocks are at a beginner level of difficulty. The zombie is a more intermediate level of difficulty owing to its increased number of pieces and varied shapes. The witch is slightly harder to assemble than the zombie because of additional detail included in the hat. The spider is the most difficult model to assemble in this kit, so I do not recommend that you start with the spider unless you are very confident in your minecraft papercraft abilities.

The Good:

Overall this toy has the look and feel of a quality minecraft toy at a fraction of the price of an actual action figure. This is obviously the case because the products are made from paper instead of plastic, and you build them yourself instead of having them provided to you. For me the actual building process is a major attraction to papercraft building, so I found that to be a very positive part of the experience.

On the whole the cardboard stock that the figures are printed on is quite durable, and it is easy to punch the figures out to put them together. Most of the figures are pretty self-explanatory to fit together which makes the whole process even easier to deal with. Once they are put together they are surprisingly sturdy, since the folding of the card stock only lends to reinforce the overall strength of the design. The only portion of the design that has issues with sturdiness is the legs of the spider, which need some help to stay in place properly.

All of the figures have the right color scheme and look just like a creature from the world of minecraft. The pixelated patterns on the paper perfectly recapitulate what you or your child would find as they tunnel through the world and run across a creeper infested cave. The accessory flames are also nice and enhance the look of the gravel blocks. Combined together with the creatures these blocks also allow you to build nice dioramas.

Once the figures are assembled together, the creeper and the slimes look especially fantastic!

The Bad:

Because these models are made of paper, you need to be gentle assembling them. If you are to aggressive then you may cause rips and tears that you will not be able to repair on your own. Additionally, there is an issue with the spider model in that its legs do not like to stay in place without some glue or a firm hand to guide them. All of these factors mean that these models are great for display on a desk or in a diorama, but on the whole they are not suitable for any sort of rough play that a child might impart on them.

Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set, Over 30 Piece (Toy)

List Price: $11.99 USD
New From: $5.00 USD In Stock
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LEGO Minecraft The Cave Set 21113 Review 2016

The LEGO Minecraft The Cave Set 21113 is the subject of this review. I recently got my hands on this set and decided to throw together this review so that other people can hear my feelings on this new Minecraft toy.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset (Toy)

List Price: $19.99 USD
New From: $12.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $14.78 USD In Stock

The set is a small LEGO set priced in the $16-$20 range. It contains 249 LEGO pieces including two minifigures and the pieces you need to build a Minecraft spider. The set itself, if built according to the instructions, will create a diorama of a cave containing lava, water, gold, iron, obsidian, coal, and redstone blocks, all of which are from the Minecraft video game. In addition there are custom LEGO blocks that represent a torch and a block of TNT that will also be familiar to Minecraft fans.

The set is customizable, as are all LEGO sets, and it is compatible with all other LEGO Minecraft sets so that your play experience can be expanded as your collection grows.

The Good

This LEGO set, like any LEGO set, is made of very high quality. No matter how you feel about LEGO’s choice of themes, you are guaranteed to be purchasing a quality product with each LEGO toy that you procure. This set is no exception, and the blocks seem to be made of the same sturdy plastic that all LEGO blocks are made from. They seem to interlock with my existing LEGO sets, as expected, confirming your ability to mix and match sets to your liking.

As far as the content of the set goes, there is a nice range in the pieces included in the box. The range of Minecraft blocks give you the option to arrange the minerals however you would like, which can allow you to emulate the experience of digging for ore in the actual Minecraft game. The actual cave that you can build if you follow the provided building instructions is nice. Furthermore, the booklet comes with inspiration to build other structures, and you will find no shortage of inspiration online. In fact, with this set you can even open up a game of Minecraft and attempt to replicate what you see there.


The figures are my favorite part of the set. Included are Steve (the Minecraft mascot character) and a zombie, one of the generic enemies in the game. These figures have traditional minifigure bodies with cuboid heads that fit the Minecraft theme. Steve comes armed with a pickaxe to help with tunneling or combat. In addition to these two minifigures, there is a spider included in the set that you can build which also has a cuboid spider head and looks very much like the spiders in the game.

The ability to combine this set with other LEGO Minecraft sets may be one of the biggest advantages to this set. Now if you want your cave to be a part of a larger Minecraft landscape you will be able to make it so by purchasing more sets that might add a forest, a house, or even a portal to the nether into the mix to expand your options.

The fact that Minecraft is a game in which items are blocky and LEGOs are block by nature makes this pairing of these two product lines seem natural. The LEGO Minecraft blocks really do capture the feel of tunneling through the earth seeking out rare ores while fighting off insidious enemies. On the whole this makes the playset very enjoyable, and suitable for display with your Minecraft collection. 

The Bad 

This playsets greatest strength is also perhaps its greatest weakness – its appearance. Minecraft is a block and pixelated game, which is part of its charm. Most LEGO sets these days, however, have a smooth and polished look that I have come to expect when I pick up a new set to build. Of course you can’t expect a LEGO set to be completely smooth, and the blocky nature of the sets is part of the charm. These Minecraft sets, however, look strange when placed next to other modern LEGO sets because they are so very blocky. As long as you know that this will be the case when you buy the set, or if you only play to display it next to other Minecraft memorabilia then this should not be a problem.

The only other main downside to this set is that it is a bit on the small side. This is not surprising given the $17 that I paid for it, but it does make it a bit less interesting as a display piece. To really capture the Minecraft aesthetic is sufficient detail I would need to purchase several Minecraft LEGO sets and connect them to one another. On its own the cave is nice, but it doesn’t quite simulate the depth of a true cave in the Minecraft game.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset (Toy)

List Price: $19.99 USD
New From: $12.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $14.78 USD In Stock

5 Best Minecraft Gifts to Purchase as a Gift in 2016

We know you have been searching high and low for the absolute best Minecraft gifts, from the Skylands to the Nether. Maybe you have a kid who is absolutely obsessed with minecraft, maybe one of your best friends is your crafting buddy and you want to get them something nice, or maybe you are just collecting Minecraft loot to cover the walls of your room for yourself! Whatever the case, worry not, because we have already found all of the coolest minecraft gear, and we were even nice enough to put it in this nice little list for you!

We will go through and show you all of the best Minecraft gifts available on the market today. These toys are creative and unique, just like the game itself! If you want to find the absolute best Minecraft gifts out there, then you came to the right place!

1Minecraft Crafting Table

Are you an ultimate crafter? Well you can test your crafting skills with this Minecraft Crafting Table! This toy lets you create the items that you know so well from Minecraft, right in your own home! Simply place the crafting cubes together into the tray, spray them with your Minecraft potion spray bottle, place them inside your Crafting Table and turn on the internal fan. Once all of the water is evaporated the cubes will bind together into the item that you crafted! You can follow one of the ten pre-made templates to make a Minecraft item that you are familiar with, or use your imagination, and make anything you like! The templates include a diamond, a Creeper face, a pickaxe, and many more! The box includes 1500 crafting cubes, which is enough to make over 25 finished Minecraft items. If that’s not enough for you, you can buy refills separately. The fun never has to end!

This item is number one on our list because we understand how much Minecraft fans like to display Minecraft memorabilia in their rooms, and use their imagination and creativity to change the game. This toy allows fans to create whatever they like, including iconic Minecraft items. There is a level of creativity with this toy that is reminiscent of the game itself, and along with that comes the satisfaction of knowing you made these items yourself in your very own Minecraft Crafting Table!

Minecraft Crafting Table (Toy)

List Price: $75.99 USD
New From: $63.21 USD In Stock
Used from: $47.26 USD In Stock

2LEGO Minecraft – The Mine

Minecraft in LEGO form just seems so natural. If you like LEGO then you probably like Minecraft, and vice versa. Should your electricity or internet ever go down the toilet, you will always have LEGO Minecraft as a fallback.

At 926 pieces, The Cave is LEGO’s biggest Minecraft pack. This is no safe strip-mine, this mine is filled with Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons! On the top story of this set, there is some grass and trees, but the deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets! Use the TNT to blast away the stone, then take all the precious ores in your minecart. You can arm your mini-Steve with iron armor and your choice between an iron pickaxe or an iron sword.
At four stories of LEGO mine, this is a sizable set and makes a great gift; One drawback, though, is that this gift can be a little pricey, coming in at over $100.

LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine (Toy)

List Price: $109.99 USD
New From: $108.45 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock


The EnderToy is my personal favorite, and comes in on our list at number three! These 4-inch toys are more than just mini-models of a pre-made Minecraft skin. They can be completely unique, representing your very own Minecraft avatar! Each EnderToy is made with high-quality vinyl prints of your Minecraft avatar, and is bonded to 3D-printed plastic. To top it all off, if you weren’t already sold, all of the EnderToy’s limbs are posable! The EnderToy is also the cheapest toy on our list at $14. I personally recommend this as a gift to any Minecraft player. It’s reasonably priced, high quality, personalized, and everyone loves something unique!

Dan by EnderToys – A Plastic Toy (Toy)

List Price: $12.99 USD
New From: $9.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Jen by EnderToys – A Plastic Toy (Toy)

New From: $9.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

EnderToys – iBallisticsquid – Magic Animal Club – a plastic toy (Toy)

New From: $9.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

4LEGO Minecraft – Crafting Box

This LEGO Minecraft set lets you build your own Minecraft scenes and blow them up, just as both Minecraft and LEGO always intended! This Minecraft set includes a TNT, a Skeleton, Mooshroom, Steve, and much more! A huge perk of this LEGO set is that it comes with a Minecraft periodic table of building materials, which you can use for inspiration while making your own biomes or adventures! This LEGO set is easily used in conjunction with every other LEGO Minecraft set out there. It’s meant to let you craft your own Minecraft worlds from your imagination, and if you combine it with any of the smaller LEGO Minecraft packs, it just increases the fun!

One of the best parts about this set is that it comes with 8 different instructional guides, and also inspirational pictures on how you can use the pieces to build your minecraft world. It’s a very well rounded set, sitting at 521 pieces and just over $50, it’s a great option if you don’t want to spend the $100 that it would cost for the other LEGO set in this list, and it’s practically 8 different gifts!

LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting Box (Toy)

List Price: $49.99 USD
New From: $40.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

5Minecraft Stop – Motion Set

With the Minecraft Animation studio, you can combine any object from real-life, including all of the set pieces, with the free mobile app, and you can make your very own Minecraft stop-motion movies! Use your smartphone or tablet to shoot, then swap out the biome cards to change up the story. This set includes a movie stage, 6 backgrounds, 3 unique mini-figures, a smartphone/tablet holder and much more!

Like the other toys on this list, we love the fact that the possibilities are endless with this toy and mobile app. Imagine combining every Minecraft mini-figure that you have ever purchased into one huge Minecraft stop-motion movie! Or, move the scene from your movie stage to one of your Minecraft LEGO sets! This stop-motion set makes it easy for anyone to make a unique stop-motion movie! Use your imagination and create any Minecraft story come to life! This gift comes in right at about $30.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio (Toy)

List Price: $32.99
New From: $39.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock